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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coleman Dual Fuel Camp Stove Manual

The Coleman Backpacking Stoves we have are the older Coleman Peak 1 Dual Fuel Single Burner Model 440. Most of the Coleman liquid fuel stoves all operate pretty similarly So I am Posting the manual for a similar model operation and precautions are identical. You can view the PDF file Here. When dealing with Coleman Liquid fuel stoves, never over fill the stove. Only fill the stove to the bottom of the filler neck as stove sits flat, do not tilt stove to add more fuel. Follow instructions printed on stove for lighting instructions. Allow generator tube to reach full temperature before cooking on stove. Do not pump stove while cooking utensils are on stove. If flame appears weak, Pump up the stove.

When storing stove after cooking is complete, Turn off Stove, wait for 1-2 minutes as stove may continue to burn as fuel in generator tube burns off. After Stove has cooled off, open filler cap to vent off pressure, and then RESEAL cap tightly. Ensure stove is turned off and then bag stove in storage bag, and secure to the outside of your pack. Keep Stove on the outside of your pack to prevent fuel from spilling on your pack contents.

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